Secret Seven Tips To Increase The Value Of Your House

The purpose of buying any property as an investment is to increase its value; you want it to be valued more than when you actually bought it. With the housing prices increasing these days, now is the time to invest in your home to increase its value. Whether you have lived in your house or it is just a new one, the fastest way to increase its value is by planning and spending. Here are some both low and high cost tips to increase the value of your house.

Tips To Increase The Value Of Your House

Reduce Noise:

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People want to feel like their home is an oasis. There are many ways to reduce noise such as adding insulation, installing double pane windows and doors, installing carpets and rugs to minimize footsteps and placing plants to further absorb noise.

Add curb appeal:

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A few strategically placed plants, a new mailbox, outdoor lights or shutters can make your property more inviting. If you have a nice curvy walkway, accentuate it with flowers or lanterns.


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A place to park the car (or cars) – especially in a busy, urban area – is well worth arranging. So, if you have an option of turning part of your front garden into a parking area – go for it, with the proviso that you should landscape it properly.

Paint it all.:

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One of the simplest, most cost-effective improvements of all is paint! Freshly painted rooms look clean and updated that instantly add on to the value. When selecting paint colours, remember that neutrals appeal to a large number of people, therefore making your home more attractive.You will be amazed by the difference a fresh coat of paint can make.

Improve the air quality inside your home:

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If you have older carpets in your home, they might be hiding defilement and allergens which causes bad odour and poor air quality. The first step is to hire a professional company to test your indoor air quality. If the results prove that your carpets should be replaced, choose environmentally friendly products like tile or laminate floors. Hard-surface floors are much easier to keep clean, don’t hold odours and in general are more appealing to buyers. Or you can grow houseplants that need no sunlight.

Don’t forget the bathrooms:

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The two rooms that benefit most from even small renovations are the kitchen and bathroom.   One cost-effective change like old plumbing and lighting fixtures or adding a new tile floor will guarantee a lot of value for your money and give your bath an updated, modern look. Heated floors attract buyers like bees to honey. Install a shower with body sprays and stone surrounds tile.

Kitchen updates:

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The same rule applies in the kitchen. You don’t have to start from scratch to create a winning recipe. For the ultimate boost of value kitchen update is a must. Start by changing just one item, such as a stained sink or ancient microwave for shiny new stainless models. Even small kitchen updates will add big value to your home. Hang a pot rack with fresh new pots and pans or a hanging wine bottle holder. With these minimal changes, your kitchen will attract every buyer. You can take some of these things with you to your new home.

Before you renovate, do some research on your area to find out how much the property will be worth after the renovations. With these tips to increase the value of your house get the best deals for your house.

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