Preparing Soil For A New Garden (Step By Step Guide)

With the fast-paced lives that most people live nowadays, it comes as no surprise that people are looking for ways to relax and unwind. Gardening gives you an opportunity to take your mind off daily tasks and problems and concentrate on another task entirely. Thus, it serves as some sort of replacement therapy. So now, when you have made up your mind to have your own small garden and maintain it yourself here is a step by step guide to prepare the soil for a new garden. 

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Preparing Soil For A New Garden

Preparing soil that will produce a healthy garden is more complicated than choosing a spot and digging holes to plant in. You need to choose a location that has good sun exposure, is free of root systems, and has good drainage.
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Choose your location wisely:

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The first thing you need to prepare the soil for a new garden is to choose a location. For the best results in your garden, six hours of sunlight is suggested. So it is best to avoid putting the garden too close to your house or in areas where it will be covered by the shade of a tree. Do not set your garden up too close to a tree as the root system will cause problems with your plants. Try to go at least 10 feet away from the furthest point out that the branches reach.

Sample your soil first:

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With a shovel, dig in some soil and take a handful of it. See what it seems to be made up of. It might be sandy or have a lot of clay, or it may be good rich dirt. Soil with too much sand or clay will not usually grow garden plants very well. This is also a good time to see if there are lots of worms and insects in the soil, as this usually means the soil is fairly rich.

Test the PH level:

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To see what nutrients are lacking, and see what the pH level is you can buy a home test kit. Ideal pH is around 6.5-6.8. You can make up for lacking nutrients with fertilizer and compost. You need to wait until the soil has dried out enough. If you squeeze a handful of the soil and it stays packed together, it’s probably still too wet. This is an important thing to do to prepare soil for a new garden.

Break Ground for the plot:

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Before you start digging, make a decision about the size and shape you want the garden to be. If it will be three or more rows, make sure you account for extra space to walk between the rows. For only two rows, you can tend the garden from the outside of each row. Stick four stakes into the ground to form the rectangle of the garden plot. Yes, that’s the gardening hack that you better keep in mind. 

Turn over the soil:

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To prepare the soil for a new garden, you’ll want to turn the soil over about 12-18 inches deep. You may want to dig that deep into the soil with a shovel, and then go over the plot a second time with a tiller to break the soil up. As you dig through the soil, remove any large stones, along with any roots or debris (like bits of metal, plastic etc) you encounter. It’s good to have a garbage can nearby in which you can throw anything you find in the soil.

Adjust the soil composition:

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Soil pH is one of the most important aspects to healthy soil that will grow healthy plants. Since you tested the soil earlier, make sure to use this information. Lime will help raise the pH level if it is too low, while sulphur will help lower it if the pH is too high. But, adding the organic pesticides will enhance the fertility far better. 

So put on your gardening apron, get your tools and dig for some peace of mind and goodness from the mother earth. Happy gardening!For gardeners here are some insanely gardening hacks every that every gardener should know.

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