Learn How to Grow Moss at Home to Enliven The Walls

Mosses grow on their own finding perfect moisture for them. You must know that the mosses do not have roots and thus can’t survive high temperature or direct sun rays of the afternoon. Small filaments in the mosses help them get all the nutrition they need to grow. The moss looks so attractive and gives a new touch to the place like gardens. If you are running out of garden space and want the touch of nature at home, you can cultivate moss on your home walls too. To get that perfect moss you should understand how to grow moss at home thoroughly.

How to Grow Moss at Home

DIY a thick moss paste:

This is the first step of how to grow moss at home. You need chopped moss of your choice as there are plenty of types available at the nursery. You can take dried or fresh moss as well. Now you need yogurt or buttermilk to mix with this moss. Take about 2 cups of any of the yogurt or buttermilk. You have to make a paste of the moss and buttermilk you took to form a thick paste. Make a proper consistency of the paste by adding water. If the paste gets thin add more moss. Make sure you can spread this paste on the walls of your home to get a wonderful wall garden.

Paint the paste:

Now you have the perfect moss paste to paint on the wall. Select a proper portion of the wall where you want to cultivate the moss. As we know moss needs moisture, you can wash off the wall before painting it with the moss paste. Now paint the wall with moss paste and let it sit for at least two days. Be patient to see signs of moss on your home wall. It may take up to 6 weeks to show off on the wall garden.

Best environment for moss to grow:

Each and every plant needs ideal conditions to grow. In the same manner, there are some criteria for proper growth of the moss. Moss needs moisture and shade. It can’t survive direct sun rays for long hours like in the afternoon. Thus you need to choose the wall where moss will get the proper shade. Moreover, there are certain ways to make organic pesticides.

Trendy moss interior for home:

With the tips on how to grow moss at home, we have also collected best ways to showcase the moss at home. You can craft frames of different shapes and cultivate moss in that frames. Hang those frames on the wall and enliven them. You can also paint old lamp frames with the moss paste and hang those frames on your porch or living room. It gives vintage look to the home interior.

Special tip for healthy moss growth:

You can use fabric as a base to paint the moss paste. Fabrics hold the moisture for a long time and this will help in growing the moss ideally. Keep the fabric on the edge of the water so that it will remain moist till you see moss signs on it. Once moss gets attached to the fabric, you can take that fabric and place it wherever you want to.

With the above easy steps and tricks of how to grow moss at home, it is very easy for you to get that moss look at your own home. Select best-suited moss type from the nursery and start with the thick paste. You do not need to be master of the nursery to cultivate this moss now. Just follow the tips as above and you will get the desired moss look at your home.

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