Create Hanging Garden Indoors: Floating flowers

A home without greenery? It does not make sense! Even if there is no space to grow garden but still placing garden pots in the house could bring your home stylish attire and healthy fresh air. If you already have a beautiful garden in the backyard or not, or looking for the new ornament to the interior, try out the hanging garden. Just imagine how it feels and looks to feel the soft breeze and wonderful scent of flowers every time you walk in the home? Isn’t it stylish and cool? Hanging gardens, let’s say it floating flowers. Now get ready to unfold the secrets of having hanging gardens.

Create hanging garden indoors: floating flowers

However, when it comes to decorate interior design of house, there are plenty of ideas and stylish design to opt. but natural ways are the best. So is the gardening. Unfortunately, if your heaven is still missing the garden and natural scent, this post has got something for you.

Creating hanging garden indoors2

Smart benefits of hanging gardens:

  • Let’s admit you don’t have that much backyard space or if it’s a small home, or even have used the space so you can’t place garden pot as well. Now what? You don’t need ground or corner in the house, let the plants float.
  • Big house with wide space! And you are done with interior design, paints, stylish furniture and so on. But hanging gardens assure you the best decoration and healthy atmosphere at the same time. Nothing is better than the idea of floating flowers.
  • Hang a plant in the bedroom window and forget about the scents or room-freshener, let the flowers do this for you.
  • These plants do not need that much fertile or hard work to maintain but of course regular watering. Moreover, if a plant has not flowered then its hanging quince can do the best decoration for interior.
  • Looking for a location to hide keys let it float with the floating plant!

Design and location for the hanging garden:

Creating hanging garden indoors12

Containers are wherein these little plants, flowers and quinces grow. Since these plants’ roots do not need that much space or ground to expand or grow, it’s quite easy and accessible to make container or you can buy from the market. Here is a tip- grab a bowl from the kitchen and use it as a container! When it comes to finding a location, make sure not hanging containers where sunlight can’t reach. Containers can be hung with wire or string; moreover, you can make a board and hang them with hooks. Floating flowers in the balcony are the best style statement and beneficial for hygienic purposes.

These plants are all set to go with hanging garden containers:

Creating hanging garden indoors5

Since it’s understood these hanging garden containers need some suitable plants to grow, you can’t get the same plants you have in the backyard or garden. These plants acquire small space to expand their roots. In addition to these adorable and colorful flowers in containers, herbs are the best option to choose also. Lantana, Lobelia and Portulaca and million bells are the plants to consider for hanging garden containers.


Creating hanging garden indoorsf

This pretty plant can flourish even within little moisture and when the flowers bloom, hummingbirds and butterflies attract towards it. However, flowers are in orange, yellow and red but surprisingly blend of all color can be seen in one flower.


Creating hanging garden indoors15

One of the most beautiful and long-lasting plants is lobelia, its herbal characteristic is cherry on the cake. When it blooms at its fullest, blue to violet color flowers give an outstanding presentation and yellowish leaves as well.


Creating hanging garden indoors17

In order to keep the floral display significant and alive, there must be a maintenance scheme for a hanging gardens. Even though floating flowers suspended from the ceiling by string does only require proper light and watering but still a little bit of regular care and love all its need. You can cut down the unnecessary roots coming out of the net containers, to keep it look amusing and perfect design. Once you hang many containers or if situate them with walls, make sure to have an irrigation system for them which could add a class to this design and comes under your DIY work. Once you decided to get this amusing and healthy decorative work to do for the indoor area, google the ideas and design to follow.

Creating hanging garden indoors6

A spectacular idea to revive the personality of the house, always gain you pride and appreciation. Flowers add the charm and beautify which any interior design or pattern can’t do. A little bit of work, some hours and it’s done! You can add this to your house or bedroom on the auspicious day of anniversary or birthday, so as it would be the surprise gift for spouse or life partner. What are you waiting for, get it done and have fun? Do share this post with your friends and loved ones and let us know more ideas and suggestions to make better service for you.

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