Best 10 Ways to make Organic Pesticide for Plants

Do you know hungry insects are theft to the natural beauty of any plant? To avoid such circumstances, pest control is important in every garden to keep these insects away from plants which play vital role in healthy human survival. However, pesticides often contain toxic substances and when released in the environment not only kills their targeted pests. In fact, they may lead to number of human health problems such as – severe headache, nausea and many other neurological problems.

Ways to make organic pesticide for plants

Thankfully, we are blessed with some homemade organic pesticides as safer choice. Organic garden pest control has been appreciated by gardeners as successful methods to avoid damaging of valuable plants. Natural homemade ways to make organic pesticide for plants are not only easy to prepare, they are cheaper and safer as compared to other store products. Since you you know the benefits of garden in home, do you have any of these plants to get rid of mosquitoes?

Let’s learn some of the interesting ways –

Tobacco Spray:

ways to make organic pesticide for plants1

The most common organic pesticide used for killing pests and caterpillars. To make, take one cup of organic tobacco and mix it well with one gallon of water. Leave it for 24 hours and then spray it over plants for best results.

Red Pepper Spray:

ways to make organic pesticide for plants2

It’s hard to believe that how red pepper powder can be used to create pesticide for plants. But, known for its ability to add right amount of spice and flavor to recipe also helps in destroying pests. Simply mix 1 tbsp of red pepper powder with 6 drops of dish soap and 1 gallon of water. Spray this mixture thoroughly over the plants to kill dangerous garden pests such as – beetles, leafhoppers.

Neem Oil (Azadirachta indica):

ways to make organic pesticide for plants3

Due to its bitter taste and garlic odor, neem oil is among useful ways to make organic pesticide for plants. It’s safe to use and mostly applied on young plants. For this, you have to mix a teaspoon of pure, cold pressed neem oil with a half tea spoon of soap and warm water.

Chile Pepper:

ways to make organic pesticide for plants4

You have to grind two handfuls of chilies into a powder and mix it with 1 cup of Diatomaceous earth. Then, add 2 liters of water to it and leave it for complete one night. Shake well and spray.

Garlic Spray:

ways to make organic pesticide for plants5

Garlic is used as a natural medicine because of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Garlic is also used as a broad-spectrum pesticide which kills all insects it comes into contact with.

Baby Shampoo Spray:

ways to make organic pesticide for plants6

Baby shampoo when mixed with spray helps to control garden pests on both indoor and outdoor plants. To make, combine 2 tbsp of baby shampoo with 1 gallon of water. Then, through the spray on your favorite plants.

Citrus Insecticide:

ways to make organic pesticide for plants7

The fresh-scented lemon pesticide when used in garden kills those unwanted insects that do damage to your precious plants. This proves to be among top ways to make organic pesticides for plants. To prepare, grate the rind from one lemon and mix it with boiled water. Allow to dry overnight. Then, pour it into spray bottle and apply on the top of plants.

Oil Spray:

ways to make organic pesticide for plants8

You can create homemade oil spray by mixing 1 tbsp of dish soap and 1 cup of cooking oil rigorously with fresh water. Apply this homemade oil spray to plants once in a week for best results.

Castile Soap Spray:

ways to make organic pesticide for plants9

This organic pesticide remedy is not easy to prepare, but it’s one of the possible ways to make organic pesticides for plants when blend with natural soap which are free from fragrances. Stir 1 tbsp of soap to a half cup of warm water and spray onto your plants.

Flower Tea:

ways to make organic pesticide for plants10

Flowers hold very powerful chemical components like pyrethrum. The chemical destroys the nervous system of insects leading to death. To make, boil 100 grams of dried flowers into 1 liter of water. Do this for twenty days and then spray effectively.

Organic and natural ways are inescapable to enhance the productivity and life of plants and humans too, that’s how you can make your home smell refreshing and wonderful by using natural ways. These above mentioned ways to make organic pesticide for plants will surely help with good growth of plants and lets us know ideas and suggestion in comment section.

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