20+ Indoor Garden Ideas That Will Inspire You to Have Your Own

Want to start an indoor garden? Check out these ideas for a dash of inspiration!

20+ Indoor Garden Ideas That Will Inspire You to Have Your Own

Indoor gardens can do wonders for your home. Besides adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home, indoor gardens supply the much-needed oxygen-rich air, which is essential for good health.

Here is a list of some awesome indoor garden ideas that you can recreate in your own home. Whether you’re looking to grow herbs, flowers, or even succulents, there is a garden suitable for everyone.

Trellis Plant Wall

1. Trellis Plant Wall via Vintage Revivals

Mason Jar Herb Garden

2. Mason Jar Herb Garden via Camille Styles

Pallet Living Wall

3. Pallet Living Wall via The Brew

Vertical Hanging Buckets

4. Vertical Hanging Buckets via Room 6 Design

Shoe Hanger Vertical Garden

5. Shoe Hanger Vertical Garden via Pretty Plain Janes

Little cork planters

6. Little Cork Planters via A Charming Project

Hanging Coffee Cup Herb Garden

7. Hanging Coffee Cup Herb Garden via By Stephanie Lynn

Plants in drawers

8. Plants in Drawers via DIY in Pdx

Picture Frame Planter Box

9. Picture Frame Planter Box via Gray House Studio

Tin Can Planters

10. Tin Can Planters via Homey Oh My

Self-Watering Glass Planters

11. Self-Watering Glass Planters via Little Projectiles

Washtub Garden

12. Washtub Garden via Liz Marie

Bottle-Top Vertical Garden

13. Bottle-Top Vertical Garden via Home Dzine

Copper Herb Garden

14. Copper Herb Garden via HomeMade Mmodern

Indoor Gutter Garden

15. Indoor Gutter Garden via Chiffons84

One Pot Herb Garden

16. One Pot Herb Garden via Black Eiffel

Crooked Herb Garden Pots

17. Crooked Herb Garden Pots via Our Cozy Cubbyhole

shutter Mason jar garden

18. Shutter Mason Jar Garden via SheKnows

Kitchen Countertop Herb Garden

19. Kitchen Countertop Herb Garden via HGTV

Window Bucket Herb Garden

20. Window Bucket Herb Garden via 3 Peppers-Recipes

Minimal Modern Indoor Herb Garden

21. Minimal Modern Indoor Herb Garden via Tried & True

Woodland Herb Garden

22. Woodland Herb Garden via Garden Therapy

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