10 Household Chores To Reduce Body Fat

If you’re wondering how your mothers and grandmothers managed to be in shape without even entering the gym, it is probably due to the time they spend at home doing household chores. Yes! The calories burnt while doing household chores can really help you lose weight. Friends! Does hitting the gym seem like a tedious task to you? Is waking up early for the morning jog is a troublesome for you? No worries, at all! There are various ways by which you can give shape to your body without going anywhere or doing strenuous workouts.

In order to give you an idea of how much you can burn while performing household tasks, we have compiled a list of some successful household chores helpful in reducing body fat.These ideas also increase your metabolism.

Household Chores To Reduce Body Fat

Washing Dishes!


Worried? How to get your arms in shape easily and effectively? Just take the sponge in your hand and scrub those dirty dishes. To make this chore a bit more interesting, just put on your favorite music and move your waist and hips.

Car Washing!


Car lovers! Washing your car can actually help you lose weight. Activities such as – rinsing the car with water, scrubbing each section with a scrub and rinsing away all dirt require a significant amount of energy and time. Simply, TRY TO WASH YOUR CAR EVERY WEEK WITH YOUR HANDS!



Many of us don’t like doing it, but when you sit and mop the floor it exerts extra pressure on your stomach and legs which in turn tones them. Moreover, this helps in reducing your overall weight.



This works as one of the most powerful household chores helpful in reducing body fat.When you are in garden digging the soil, mixing compost and watering the plants, you’re making good use of both your upper and lower body. These tasks help in toning the muscles of your thighs, arms and shoulders.

Do the Laundry!


Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Laundry involves many tasks from washing the clothes to ironing them and this in turn can help you burn a lot of calories. And, yes! Instead of using a washing machine, try to wash clothes by hand.

Moving Furniture Around!


If you feel that your bedroom or living room looks boring, try rearranging your furniture and find out which arrangement suits best with your wall. Not only this will help you beautify your home, instead it will help you burn 420 calories per hour.

Cleaning the House!


Dedicating one hour a day to cleaning your home by tidying all nooks and crannies ranks among easiest household chores helpful in reducing body fat. Well! Just dusting the house for 10-15 minutes will help you torn your upper and lower arm muscles.

Weight Training!


To stay fit, weight training plays a crucial role! Whenever you are out for grocery shopping, be sure to go by walk. This way you can get your cardio as well as your weight training done successfully.

Use Stairs!


No matter where you GO! If you desire to lose weight, make it a point to use the stairs and avoid escalators wherever possible to stay healthy.

Play with Kids!


Yeah! Playing with kids is a very effective way to lose weight. To match up with your kids high energy, feeding them, running after them and continuously watching them will help you burn at least 260 calories an hour. Believe us!

Guys and Gals!If you hate the idea of going to the gym or lifting weights, then consider all these household chores necessary to reduce body fat every day.This means do enough vacuuming, cleaning, dishwashing and gardening and you can burn lots of calories. Well! It’s time to pull up your socks as you cannot make any more excuses. What’s more? There is no such need to spend additional time and money on exercising.

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